Shanghai and Beijing challenge Silicon Valley as Chinese tech hubs grow

China’s technology hubs benefit the availability of abundant capital, as well as being able to leverage a robust manufacturing ecosystem, low-cost skilled workers, and a large domestic market to fuel their ascent.

Fundraising is key for Chinese aerospace startups to survive as competition intensifies

A batch of new companies have entered the space industry, thus intensifying the competition.

ZTE woes may steer China’s AI chip development into a different direction

Under special circumstances, a different way of thinking might be required of elite entrepreneurs.

Top-tier AI chip companies are sought after, while mediocre startups will struggle with fundraising

Financing is likely to be based on successful Tapeout and clear business mod

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Alibaba acquires Chinese chip maker to lower dependence on outside suppliers

World’s Largest Commercial Drone Maker DJI Boldly Let Enthusiastic Investors Bid for Financing

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