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Hitesh Chawla of SilverPush, Immersion in the market: Startup Stories

Written by Robin Moh Published on   2 mins read

He recalls two good moves and one mistake in the early days of the company.

Founded in 2012, SilverPush is a Singapore-based adtech startup that utilises artificial intelligence to boost brands’ engagement with consumers. It provides real-time TV tracking and TV-digital sync solutions, including video fingerprinting and content recognition technology, to give advertisers the capability of managing their campaigns across multiple platforms.

KrASIA recently spoke with Hitesh Chawla, one of the co-founders of SilverPush. He told us about what he and his co-founder did right in the early days of the company, and unpacked one mistake that they had to overcome.

KrASIA (K): What are two good choices that you made during the nascence of your company?

Hitesh Chawla (H): The two wise choices that we made during our early days were to be strongly focused on market research and developments, and to be strategic when engaging in merger and acquisition activities.

By doing quality groundwork, we develop a better understanding of the needs of our target audience, enabling us to curate our products efficiently and also carve a niche in solving critical issues for our customers.

When it comes to M&As, we approach these deals thinking about how the business has shaped. So far, our decisions look favorable.

K: What was one misstep that you had to overcome?

H: While growing our business in India, we were also trying to expand our base in US. However, we soon realized that it was not sustainable, as the two markets have totally different requirements for our products, and we were not able to focus on any of the markets with our full potential.

We also saw fast consumption of our raised funding due to a lack of concrete planning. We finally decided to choose one market to focus on, and it was easier to build the home market first.

This article is part of KrASIA’s “Startup Stories” series, where the writers of KrASIA speak with founders of tech companies in Southeast Asia.


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