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Geniebook harnesses AI to personalize learning experiences

Written by Degen Hill Published on   3 mins read

The Singapore-based edtech company is leveraging artificial intelligence to bridge gaps present in traditional education systems.

The education landscape is constantly evolving, and new solutions are being developed to improve how students learn in an increasingly digitized world.

Singapore-based edtech company Geniebook is one of the companies operating in this field. Using an artificial intelligence-based approach, Geniebook has developed a platform capable of tailoring learning experiences to the various needs and preferences of students.

Limitations of traditional learning methods

Traditional learning setups, particularly enrichment centers, often utilize a one-size-fits-all curriculum that may not fully account for the individual strengths and weaknesses of each student. This can result in the formation of learning gaps—an issue noticed by Zhizhong Neo, the co-founder and CEO of Geniebook.

“The primary motivator for creating Geniebook was to bridge this gap by catering to each student’s personalized learning needs, often overlooked in traditional settings,” Neo said.

Geniebook’s personalized approach

GenieSmart is the centerpiece of Geniebook’s solution, harnessing AI and machine learning to dynamically tailor educational content according to the needs of students. Its algorithm continuously adapts the focus and difficulty level of subjects, grounded in analyses of student performance levels based on nearly one million data points. By analyzing a student’s performance in a specific topic, GenieSmart can modify the complexity of questions to stimulate engagement and facilitate mastery.

GenieSmart comprises an AI recommender feature that can predict a student’s score after 30 days by analyzing historical academic data, the performance of similar students, and individual topic mastery. These predictions inform the recommendation of question sets that are likely to spur improvement.

Developed in collaboration with A*STAR, the concept of GenieSmart is backed by a database of over 300,000 questions that is consistently updated based on the latest syllabus set by Singapore’s Ministry of Education for primary and secondary level students, covering English, mathematics, and science subjects. The efficacy of GenieSmart remains under validation by Geniebook’s data team.

Keeping the human touch

Geniebook’s approach does not diminish the value of human educators, despite tapping into the potential of AI.

For example, the company’s GenieAsk system provides students with access to real-time assistance when they prefer to clarify doubts with a human educator. Upon completion of worksheets via GenieSmart, which typically include a combination of multiple-choice and structured questions, each student receives a predefined set of solutions and explanations first, before a human educator conducts a more in-depth review of the structured responses to award the final scores. This results in a more balanced approach that reaps the benefits of AI without losing the human touch.

The design of Geniebook’s platform also takes behavioral science principles into consideration by incorporating gamification features. One example is the Bubble Store, an initiative that amplifies student engagement by rewarding task completions with digital tokens known as Bubbles. These tokens can be used to redeem over 5,000 different item rewards.

The platform’s user interface has recently been overhauled as well. A darker color scheme has been introduced to reduce eye strain, and then navigation menus have been redesigned to be more intuitive. An integration that offers motivational messages to students has also been added.

Shaping the future of learning

Geniebook is planning to further customize the experience its platform provides by incorporating more AI modules in the future. An example is a composition grader which could instantly assess essay submissions. According to Neo, such innovations, in tandem with existing features, will help create a more personalized learning journey.

“Students can work on tailored questions, attend in-depth classes, and ask follow-up questions, all within the same platform, in any order they wish,” Neo said.

And while new features will be introduced over time, Neo emphasizes that Geniebook’s focus will remain unchanged: to help students find success in their educational journey, and hopefully beyond.

“The ability to learn quickly and adapt will remain essential for our children’s success. We’re proud to offer a platform that allows students to take control and accelerate their learning,” Neo said.


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