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From disruption to integration: The age of the new economy

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36Kr will be organizing its flagship WISE New Economy Conference 2019 at Beijing International Convention Center on Nov. 26-27.

If the human body replaces its cells entirely once every seven years, are you the same person now and seven years ago? In the context of a company, when employees, machinery, technology, and offices are changed, is this company still the same as before?

Since the economic reform 40 years ago, the Chinese economy has experienced the shift from traditional to new commerce, and the upgrade from traditional to the new economy. The deep integration of new capital, assets, and information has enabled the new economy to reshape industry sectors as well as people’s lives and consumption habits. Inevitably, the new economy is also challenged by economical fluctuations, industrial adjustments, thinning margins from the Internet economy, and so on.

36Kr will be organizing its flagship WISE New Economy Conference 2019 at Beijing International Convention Center on Nov. 26-27. This conference will highlight new technologies and discuss the shift from disruption to integration in the traditional industries. Guests from startups, internet giants, investors, government agencies, and traditional businesses will gather at WISE as we unveil the King of the New Economy.

Halftime for the internet industry – thinking out of the box

As the first generation of Internet companies achieves maturity, margins in the Internet economy reaches the peak. The market achieves saturation faster than the technological and innovation breakthroughs, inhibiting growth in the short term as the market marches towards its perceivable ceiling. New business models, consumer demands and innovations are called upon to keep growing the economy.

New opportunities are built on the foundation of the existing market – sufficient competition and maturity to embrace innovations. Disruptive technologies and solutions are borne out of the knowledge and business models of existing corporations, combined with external factors such as the economic climate, management methodologies and expertise, and tacit understanding of consumers. The integration of these new solutions uncovers new application scenarios and frameworks, remodeling existing technologies and capital, weeding out inefficiency, thereby catalyzing the breakthrough of individual companies and better integration into the new economy.

2019 WISE New Economy Conference – integrating innovations into industries

Leveraging on its longtime tracking of China’s new economy sector, 36Kr has been organizing its annual WISE (Where Innovation and Startups Emerge) Conference since 2013.

This year we gather the best minds in China’s startup ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders and corporate executives for two days of invaluable discussion, inspiration, and connection to discuss the market trends around the theme of “From Disruption to Integration: The Age of the New Economy”. Some highlights of the conference include:

Distinguished thought leaders in their respective fields

  • Feng Lun, chairman of Vantone Holdings
  • Wang Shi, founder and chairman of China Vanke Group
  • Lee Kai-fu, chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures
  • Lu Qi, founder of YC China
  • Zhou Yahui, chairman of Beijing Kunlun Tech
  • Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of DiDi
  • Zhu Wenjia, CTO of Toutiao
  • Bao Fan, founder and CEO of China Renaissance
  • Zhou Kui, partner of Sequoia Capital China
  • Xiong Xiaoge, founder of IDG Capital
  • Li Liang, CEO of Belle International
  • Ye Guofu, founder of Miniso
  • Xu Haiying, president of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group

10 key verticals in the New Era

Eight stages exploring opportunities in ten verticals such as retail, medical and health, entertainment, education, finance, enterprise services, mobility, cutting-edge technology, the industrial internet, and global markets.

King of the New Economy

Articulating the shift from speed frenzy to depth pursuit and from disruption to integration, 36Kr will announce the “2019 King of the New Economy” award list to identify profiles paving the way and pushing boundaries in the age of the New Economy!

WISE Conference 2019

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