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F&B businesses get a helping hand from food procurement startup Zeemart

Written by Brandon Lee Published on   2 mins read

The B2B platform connects buyers and suppliers to make discovery, purchasing, and communication easier through a simple interface.

Zeemart founders Neeraj Sundarajoo and Keith Tan saw that there are several challenges in the food and beverage (F&B) industry’s food procurement process. These issues include delays in orders and payment, inefficient inventory management, and poor communication between buyers and sellers.

Sundarajoo and Tan previously worked together to found Comwerks Interactive, where they specialized in digital media and Web 2.0 solutions. Having been partners in that line of business, Sundarajoo and Tan are well versed in the art of solving problems for customers. They wanted to use this skill set to tackle the issue of inefficient food procurement.

Zeemart is building its service for small and medium-sized enterprises in the F&B industry. These businesses often have fewer resources at their disposal, and some staff members might shoulder the duties of several roles, like a chef doing administrative work when the kitchen isn’t in service. Zeemart aims to lift that load and give smaller F&B businesses a way to manage their work in an efficient manner.

The platform developed by Zeemart includes an electronic invoicing system that reduces late payments from customers and paper clutter. It also offers a direct communication channel that connects buyers and suppliers, like chefs who place orders for food supplies, the finance departments on both sides, and customer service representatives. By placing these voices together, the founders of Zeemart believe the process of procuring inventory for F&B businesses can be coordinated more efficiently.

Aside from features that are used in day-to-day operations, Zeemart also provides its customers with business and financial analytics by collaborating with major data processing and fintech providers. They include Japan-based WingArc1st and Funding Societies, an SME digital financing platform based in Singapore.

These features give small F&B businesses a way to keep operations organized and even save time.

Zeemart was among the ten finalists of the Alibaba Cloud x KrASIA Global Startup Accelerator Singapore-Thailand Demo Day that was held on January 11.


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