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Eduloco breaks into edtech space to simplify and automate study abroad experience with all-in-one mobile app

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With over 2,000 colleges and universities on its app, along with personalized feedback from experts, students can easily apply to their dream university.

Over the past several years, the advancement of technology has shifted the trends in the edtech industry. The development of high-tech devices such as smartphones has irreversibly changed the edtech market, helping pave the way for the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). In the world of education, Industry 4.0 has had a significant impact on international student mobility, with technology integration helping students around the world broaden their horizons.

Studying abroad has become popular among many students, with many hoping to pursue their tertiary education in a foreign country. Apart from experiencing new places and cultures, meeting new friends from different backgrounds, and gaining a global perspective, studying abroad also offers students the opportunity to enhance future job prospects, pursue a career abroad, and stand out in the labor market.

Choosing the right course and university can be a daunting experience

While the idea of studying abroad is simple, the journey of finding suitable courses and universities can be challenging. In most cases, students who are planning to leave their home country to study abroad spend an average of six to eight months before submitting their applications. That time is often spent conducting research, identifying the best institution that suits their interests and goals, and preparing the necessary documents for university applications.

“Applying to studying abroad can be a tricky process, especially when students are stressed or worried about missing deadlines. Since each university has varying application requirements, it is easy for things to slip between the cracks,” said Thalia Bondoc, CEO and co-founder of Eduloco. “The process can be overwhelming for some students, with thousands of courses and universities available in multiple countries to choose from.”

A report by The Independent stated that 33%of university students said they chose the wrong course because they were not given enough information prior to signing up for it. This number is also supported by a poll conducted by the University and College Admissions Service (UCAS) in 2021, which highlighted that the lack of early engagement in career information, advice, and guidance leads to poor course choices, showing that more needs to be done to promote equality when it comes to planning one’s educational and career goals.

Last year, Forbes published an article covering the disparity in access to global university enrollment information, stating that there are zero unified hubs where all university information is accessible for students to apply. Due to the lack of information and expert guidance, students’ applications may get rejected, adding mental and financial burdens as they must start from scratch and go through the entire process all over again.

Additionally, students who have successfully enrolled in their dream university tend to also experience isolation after arriving. This is often due to a lack of acquaintances to help them make friends, as well as other issues like language barriers and culture shock. A Business Wire report has shown that 40% of international students experience homesickness, with students grieving over cultural transition and loss of social support.

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Skip the hassle with automated and personalized solutions

Studying abroad doesn’t have to be difficult. Eduloco is an all-in-one mobile app for students to apply to universities worldwide, and strives to provide students with a hassle-free higher education enrollment experience.

To counter these challenges, Eduloco is planning to launch its app, which will provide students with automated and personalized solutions through an advanced profiling feature, allowing them to make the right choice and submit their applications within a shorter period of time. Students can access courses from over 2,000 universities and submit their applications simultaneously, all from the Eduloco app.

“Many edtech startups and firms increase their efficiency and accessibility through technology for e-learning systems. At Eduloco, we’ve been providing personalized services to aspiring students wanting to study abroad, and now, we want to automate that process so we can help enrich the lives of more students,” said Thalia.

“The advancement of technology allows Eduloco to provide top-tier services for university application submissions and expedited admission results by creating curated options to pursue higher institutions based on students’ academic credibility.”

The app will profile students into different categories based on their preferences, allowing them to instantly access courses and universities that match their criteria. Students are also able to upload their documents onto the Eduloco server, allowing industry expert counselors to perform quality checks of all documents and directly suggest institutions based on their credentials. The direct involvement of expert counselors is to ensure a high acceptance rate for a student’s chosen institutions.

Counselors no longer need to wait hours for a reply, and can instead directly access a student’s profile. In turn, students will also have access to a unified platform that enables them to apply to various universities or view multiple overseas programs at the same time.

Hence, the entire application process is streamlined to save time and money while efficiently maximizing student enrollment.

Aside from receiving personalized content tailored specifically to applicants, students can also connect with like-minded peers who are seeking to study abroad through an in-app messaging feature. This feature will be able to connect students with peers within their set discovery radius, further expanding their network at their preferred study destination.

Eduloco also provides consultations for applicants who are not sure about their future career trajectory, advising them on which path they should take after graduation. Eduloco’s expert counselors will provide assistance for free and answer questions about course matching, university admissions, visa applications, and more.

Eduloco is a digital marketplace for aspiring students

Eduloco’s app, which is expected to launch in Q2 2022, will serve as a digital marketplace and unified platform for students to access programs and institutions. The growing global higher education market size has reached USD 13 billion, and more than 6 million internationally mobile tertiary students were recorded in 2019. The rapidly increasing demand in the edtech market is projected to increase as the number of international students in tertiary education is estimated to hit 8 million by 2030.

As many people commonly associate edtech with online classes that feature hybrid learning, they often fail to realize that edtech also involves professional student recruitment that offers comprehensive information about global studies.

Additionally, there are few business-to-consumer (B2C) student recruitment platforms such as Eduloco, placing the Malaysia-based company at the forefront of the edtech marketplace. Eduloco’s student recruitment app will provide instant eligibility for students to select universities and courses along with an automated profiling system, all of which make Eduloco unique compared to other student recruitment services.

Your hassle-free journey starts today!

Eduloco’s partnership with ApplyBoard, a rising edtech unicorn, along with other international student recruitment partners, allows applicants to have access to a simplified admission process to over 2,000 schools, colleges, and universities in 29 countries, including Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK, and choose the desired higher education institution that best meets their background and interests.

Additionally, the company is also actively seeking investors as part of its expansion plan.

Are you an aspiring student looking to find a way to study at your dream destination? For any inquiries, contact Eduloco via [email protected] today.


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