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Daily Digest | Wolf culture

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Huawei is known for its phones and telecommunications equipment, but it’s diversifying.

Hiya. It’s Brady again.

Huawei has been in trouble for a couple years. You’re already familiar with its addition to the US Department of Commerce’s Entity List, which generally makes life difficult for the company by limiting its access to crucial components.

The firm’s internal culture is interesting, particularly in the context of hardship. Many staff members are expected to be part of Huawei’s “wolf culture,” which has two sides to it. The first is that every Huawei employee has joined a pack, and there’s hyper-fast, hyper-intensive teamwork that keeps the company on the leading edge.

The other is that team members are, at times, expected to compete with each other in a cutthroat setting. It’s a Darwinian belief that those who make it through will be the strongest people in their respective fields.

Huawei recently leased land to build a production facility for car components. It’s a step forward in a field that so far hasn’t been widely associated with the company, but that might change soon. Jiaxing wrote about the development. You can read her article here.

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