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Daily Digest | What’s for sale in the metaverse?

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Meta wants you to prepare for metaverse-based goods and services.

Hi. It’s Brady.

How many ways do you have to pay for things? How many do you really need?

Facebook—ahem, Meta—believes people in India need another one, specifically WhatsApp Pay. But the logic isn’t just that WhatsApp will have in-chat payment features. Rather, the core idea is that Meta needs to have its own way for people to transact in its metaverse, and they may as well get people onboard early.

But that begs a question: what exactly will we be buying in Meta’s metaverse? Some skins for our avatars? Sure. Entry fees for special events? Certainly. The occasional acquisition from brands that will set up immersive stores? Maybe. This infrastructure is being built, but it isn’t entirely clear how it will be used.

We suppose someone will come along and create new things that can be sold in virtual environments. Anyway, Moulishree wrote about Meta’s plans for WhatsApp Pay in India. You can read her article here.

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