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Daily Digest | Up next, Turing Tests?

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Talking to bots.

Hey there. It’s Brady, wrapping up the week.

I enjoy interacting with algorithmic writers, image makers, and other things that produce responses that form interactions beyond “input, output.” These things can be fun, and their responses can prompt cogitations about human development and the meaning of thought. (If there is no intention, can it be art?)

And then there’s a different kind of bot that creates responses to our communication. They’re on the phone, often trapping us in menu loops when we need help with, say, clearing a transaction on a bank card. This can be a frustrating experience, one where any company that creates a remedy will have the gratitude of millions of people around the world.

Brandon spoke to the folks at EM&AI, a Vietnamese startup that is trying to do just that. The team says it has developed a bot that not only handles customer service over the phone (as an assistant to human operators, at least), but also reads our sentiment to formulate conversational strategies to fit the situation.

EM&AI is still an early-stage startup, but it’s already being plugged into customer service contexts. Check out Brandon’s profile here.


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