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Daily Digest | Two cents about Tencent

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

A look at investments made by the world’s largest video game company.

Hi. It’s Brady again.

There are many ways to describe Tencent.

Some associate the company with WeChat, the first super app that now seems indispensable for anyone in China. Others think of Tencent as the biggest video game conglomerate in the world. Others yet may consider its prolific activities as an investor.

These descriptions and more are all accurate. And every facet of the company’s operations has been rattled as the Chinese government forces tech firms to pump their brakes.

Yet this hasn’t seemed to dampen Tencent’s drive to invest in as much as it can. In fact, holdings that matured gave the company extra capital to direct into new targets in 2021.

Jiaxing dived into the details. You can read her report here.

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