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Daily Digest | The next great game

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Some of Vietnam’s game developers are already world-class. What’s next?

Hi there. Brady here. It’s another week.

A good game can take one night to make, or it could take years. This all depends on the complexity, scale, depth of the game, and whether it needs a narrative, voice acting, and other media elements to come together.

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam has emerged as the region’s game development hub, in a way where more experienced coders and designers are training new talent, then recruiting them to build the next great game.

As some Vietnamese studios’ titles gain global popularity, there is also a squeeze to keep up the momentum. There’s a talent shortage, new venture capital provides fuel but also ratchets up the pressure, and the timeline for building and shipping new games is contracting.

It’s an interesting case where a developer community is standing on its own legs after years of serving as outsourced labor. Stephanie had the story. You can read her report here.

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