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Daily Digest | Tencent wants it all

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

A tanked merger is a showstopper.

Hey. It’s Brady again, here with a note before the weekend.

When China’s State Administration for Market Regulation barred the merger of Douyu and Huya in July, it looked like Tencent’s hopes of exerting unshakable control over the country’s game-focused livestreaming were dashed. The company holds significant stakes in both Douyu and Huya, and has built a formidable portfolio in the global video game sector.

But hold on. Another platform, eGame, is Tencent’s own game livestreaming site, and is the fourth most popular in China. Now, Tencent is redirecting resources and key leadership to shore up eGame’s operations, my colleague Mengyuan reported.

We understand the allure of watching other people play video games. Maybe they have a bubbly personality and offer fun commentary as they grind through a new world. Or perhaps they’re just really good gamers and appeal to our innate attraction to watching experts demonstrate their craft. No wonder the right personalities can amass millions of fans.

The point here is that a scuttled merger hardly affects Tencent’s prime position in livestreaming or gaming. Its investments run deep and broad. Chances are that gamers of all stripes have and will interact with titles and platforms that are part of its network.

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