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Daily Digest | Small changes in midwifery enabled by tech

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

The primary caretakers for women in rural Indonesia receive a little help to manage their daily work.

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Often, we see technical achievements through the lens of how they benefit first adopters, who are typically well-to-do consumers in urban areas. But the fact is larger populations outside of metropolises must deal with many inefficiencies, and solutions to their problems could have transformative impact. In many cases, straightforward changes can lead to drastic improvements to the quality of life in rural areas.

Consider the example of Indonesia’s midwives, who are often the main medical healthcare providers for women of all ages in rural settings. In some cases, they work 11 hours a day, every day, making sure the households under their care have the help that’s needed.

For ages, information about patients has been managed by hand or by mental record, creating space for unintended error. An application that records patient data with scheduling and reminder features could lift a load and make a world’s difference for midwives and their patients.

Khamila looked at how this is changing medical healthcare for women in Indonesia. It’s the foundation of a shift that may literally change lives in the near future, assuming adoption rates climb (and we expect they will). Read her article for our sibling site Oasis here.

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