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Daily Digest | Shopping on Shopee anywhere in the world

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Where will the marketplace go next?

Hi. It’s Brady.

E-commerce will have more and more users in Southeast Asia in the coming years. That hasn’t limited Shopee to the region. In fact, it has been setting up operations all over Latin America and Europe.

While it’s still figuring out how to become a major player in some countries, Shopee has already made significant headway in Brazil, Poland, Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.

But this aggressive global strategy comes with a hefty price tag, and continued expansion depends on a high degree of adaptability to fit local sensibilities.

There is a chance that Shopee will become the “Amazon of emerging economies”—if the company demonstrates that it can be culturally fluid. Khamila dived into the matter. You can read her article here.

Daily Roundup

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