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Daily Digest | See you in court

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Can a lawsuit repair a damaged reputation?

Hello there. It’s Brady again.

Google something with me: Chinese sellers on Amazon. I just did. It gave me 61.9 million results.

The top result that I saw was an article published in September 2021. It says Chinese sellers form 38% of the most popular brands on Amazon. The second dissects how they “manipulate” the marketplace. After that, it’s news about merchants from China being permanently banned from Amazon for publishing fake reviews.

Unsurprisingly, that’s a common occurrence at home too. One of the major platforms that has been riddled with dishonest “user-generated” content is Xiaohongshu, a lifestyle-focused app that made its name by hosting dependable reviews.

But that reputation has been damaged, so Xiaohongshu decided to sue the brokers that brands are approaching when they need to pad their presence on the app. It’s an ugly affair, one that probably won’t repair Xiaohongshu’s image immediately, but there don’t seem to be other options for the company.

Mengyuan had the story. You can read it here.

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