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Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

The catalyst for serial entrepreneurship.

Brian Cu has a storied resume. Co-founder and CFO, Gojek. Co-founder and managing director, Zalora Philippines. Country head in the Philippines, Grab. Other leadership positions in companies of various sizes.

His latest venture, SariSuki, is a group-buying platform for groceries. Even though the company utilizes tech to shape its day-to-day functions, key parts of its operations still demand elbow grease—warehouse operations, logistics, and generally ensuring that orders reach their destinations on time.

Cu spoke to KrASIA and dropped some knowledge about what it means to be a serial entrepreneur. He unpacked the motivations and reasons that compel founders to establish companies, as well as the occasional dissonance of transitioning between tech settings and more conventional business environments.

And, in a moment that is becoming rarer among startup founders, Cu spoke about his past failures with sincerity.

Brandon conducted the interview. Check out the highlights here.


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