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Daily Digest | Persistent pandemic pummels Vietnam

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Vietnamese telehealth companies pitch in with free consultation services when movements in public places are restricted.

Hi there. It’s Brady again.

Vietnam was described last year as a success story of keeping the coronavirus at bay, but that narrative is changing. Confirmed infections are spiking, and the country’s healthcare system is utilizing every resource possible to treat every person who requires care.

A few telehealth companies are pitching in with free consultation services at a moment when there are restrictions on movement in public places. My colleague Stephanie wrote about this yesterday. She spoke to two startups in Vietnam that operate in healthcare, and found out that even though they’re providing a crucial service, systemic challenges are in place.

There’s a general reluctance for Vietnam’s health and medical system to go digital, and the government provides little support for the transition. Tuan Truong, the founder and CEO of Med247, said 80% of clinics in Vietnam still perform their tasks by hand.

Now, the pandemic is forcing medical professionals to rethink their operational processes, especially since in-person consultations carry a risk. This isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about public good too.

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