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Daily Digest | Owed wages

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Fabelio as a cautionary tale.

Hi. It’s Brady here.

There are two major media outlets that have commissioned work from me but still haven’t settled the invoices. One assignment was completed in 2016, the other roughly two years ago. The owed amounts add up to a sum that is sizable enough to sigh about, but not quite enough to go through the motions in small claims court.

But the options are different when a large group of people are shafted at the same time. That’s the case for Fabelio’s staff, who say they haven’t been paid since September.

The employees who have been short-changed are banding together to publicly demand Fabelio to issue their owed wages. They started a petition on Charge.org, and people are leaving comments on Fabelio’s Instagram posts to say the company is obligated to compensate its staff.

All of this feeds into the belief that Fabelio may be shutting down soon. If it does, the company may go down in the history books as an example of an enterprise that attempted to become too big too quickly and stretched itself too thin, putting “growth” ahead of all else.

Khamila wrote about what’s going on with Fabelio and its unpaid staff. You can read her article here.

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