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Daily Digest | Old flavors, new bites

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

What’s behind a nine-figure investment for a young company that makes plant-based chicken?

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It’s fair to say that meat replacements, like plant-based “beef” and “chicken,” are no longer novel menu items that rely on buzz for people to try them. There are pockets of demand around the world, mostly in major cities where people may be more willing to try new forms of food.

That desire to switch from farmed meat to mass-produced, plant-based replacements may be driven by a sense of adventure, or a true belief in the importance of reducing one’s carbon footprint. Either way, meat eaters are experimenting with new options, and it’s created enough demand for Next Gen Foods to land a USD 100 million investment.

The Singapore-based company was founded in 2020. Even though it is still early in its development, Next Gen Foods’ founders draw from past experience of working with plant-based meat, and are quickly placing their product, Tindle plant-based chicken, on the plates of diners all over the world. And they’re unapologetically aggressive in targeting meat eaters as consumers.

Next Gen Foods’ rapid rise and massive raise gives us plenty to unpack as it cements Singapore as a crucial foodtech hub. Khamila had the story. You can read her article here.

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