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Daily Digest | Journey to the west

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Big data heads to new frontiers.

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Solar, hydro, wind—naming renewable energy is a bit like invoking elemental forces. In the most ideal version of our future, these and other energy sources that don’t burn fossil fuels will supply all of our power.

Right now, making the rapid shift to these renewables is of crucial importance, particularly in the context of the growing need for cloud computing, data processing, and information storage—all things that use up large amounts of energy. After all, behind every tech company, whether it’s a two-person startup or a mega enterprise, is computing power provided by data center clusters.

There is a plan involving governmental and private entities to build these facilities in the western part of China, where renewables are abundant, the climate is temperate, and there’s plenty of space. These data centers will then support the growth of businesses located all over the country, in particular in the commercial hubs that are mostly located in the eastern part of China.

On paper, it’s a valid move. But the plan will take decades to execute.

Mengyuan wrote about this development. You can read her article here.

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