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Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Douban users seek new places to gather and discuss the things that matter to them.

Hi. Brady here.

If you so choose, the internet offers anonymity in open spaces. Gamers and social network users often live dual lives. But that condition is taken to a more intensive level in China, where those within the Great Firewall often need to manage two realities.

A VPN is all that it takes to link up with the rest of the world—and crucial for those who have been exiled from domestic services. This is the case for many users of what was the largest community on Douban, the most popular platform for reviewing books, films, and more.

The discussion group in question, Goose Group, was at the center of several controversies, first in that its members were mostly women, and the frequent discussions of gender equality rattled insecure men. Then, members were permanently restricted from leaving comments because of their “improper speech.”

Many of the “sisters” who were part of Goose Group migrated to sites like Reddit, beyond the Great Firewall. It’s a quest for a home where a sizable community can speak their minds without being harassed. Jiaxing had the story. You can read it here.

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