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Daily Digest | How much will you pay for convenience?

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Gig workers may be receive better treatment from tech companies in China.

Hey there. It’s Brady.

Reporters who work the tech beat often view corporations as characters and report on the doings of companies. This is valid to some extent. After all, macro views are necessary for you, the reader, to form ideas about the latest developments.

But many major companies that have developed consumer-facing products, typically in the basket of on-demand services, rely on fleets of gig workers to do the grunt work. Often enough, the men and women on motorbikes who ferry your meals, and the drivers of vehicles that show up wherever you are to take you to your destination, work for slim pay and slimmer benefits.

That has been gradually changing over the past months in China. More developments are taking place on this front, and that may significantly impact major companies’ revenue models.

Mengyuan took a look at the consequences, particularly in the context of companies like Didi and Meituan, whose apps have become part of daily living in many parts of the country. Check out her article here.

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