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Daily Digest | Ghostly pivots

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

What makes a serial entrepreneur?

Hi. It’s Brady again, here to round out your weekend.

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve heard a lot about pivots and strategic reorientation. In many cases, it meant businesses adjusted how they delivered their services or products to ensure people who were stuck at home could continue being regular customers.

But then there are other individuals who move even faster to tear down and build up companies in record time. In Jakarta, Khamila spoke to Rishabh Singhi, who was COO of RedDoorz, went to New York to establish a hospitality startup called Ethos, and then promptly dismantled it as the coronavirus hit. He ventured back to Asia and settled in Indonesia, where he built DishServe, a ghost kitchen company.

There’s something admirable about being able to switch directions so swiftly. Not many people have that quality. And given that COVID-19 is likely here to stay for quite a while, Singhi and his co-founders’ move into ghost kitchens might prove to be a smart one.

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