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Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Check out our first game review.

Hey. It’s Brady again.

Julianna tried something different for us: a game review. She is KrASIA’s resident gamer, and one title caught her attention. Moncage is a puzzle game that, as far as I can tell, is mostly about timing and rotations. Those mechanics are paired with a story that involves post-traumatic stress disorder and the estrangement between a father and a son.

The game’s tale unfolds as the player solves puzzles that, in a way, connect different points in space and time. You can check out Julianna’s review here.

Moncage is published by XD, which is behind a few massively popular titles. KrASIA is interested in video games because it’s a space that lives at the intersection of mass consumer appeal, entertainment, and regulatory blockades. Games aren’t just ways to pass time; some people have figured out how to earn their living by playing them, streaming them, or even narrating them.

KrASIA continues to explore the many evolutions brought on by new products, services, and platforms that are introduced to consumers. In the context of games, people across borders are connected. Champions in China inspire gamers in Vietnam, shoutcasting formats from the United States define the ways people stream games in Thailand. It’s one of the universal mediums that link up people around the world, where rivalries and alliances play out in entertaining ways.

Daily Roundup

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