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Daily Digest | Endless evolution

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

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Hi there. It’s Brady.

It’s a new day, it’s a new year, and we all hope you’re doing well.

Normally, it would be cliché to say that major changes are afoot, because that’s a daily truth. But the thing about clichés is that they’re usually true.

As we wrapped up 2021, our reporters recapped the year’s major events. Now, the team is back on the latest developments. In Indonesia, Khamila examined the difficulties that tech leaders face when transitioning to public service, particularly in the context of innovation and bold newness clashing with the status quo.

In China, Jiaxing explained the significance of subsidy cuts for new energy vehicles. After 2022, these appropriations will no longer be offered. The surprising bit? Car prices are going up now, but may drop again in the future.

KrASIA’s team is doing plenty more to follow the latest developments in Southeast Asia, China, and India. We’re here to keep you updated as Asia’s tech scene evolves in 2022.

Daily Roundup

Boom or bust? The story of J&T Express in China.

Indian companies raised USD 63 billion from PE-VC investors in 2021.

Top e-commerce platforms and livestreamers pledge to “rectify” practices after criticism from consumer rights authority.

Mobility startup Jaramba eases chaotic commutes in Indonesia.

Roote Trails shapes journeys for sustainable travel in Indonesia.

With Chinese goods in hot demand, Sunrate handles cross-border payments.


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