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Daily Digest | Empire of eyeliner (and more)

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

D2C brands are here to stay. How will they evolve next?

Hi. It’s Brady here.

We really like to see D2C brands do well. The process seems sophisticated: figure out a niche, build proprietary products, engage a community or customer base, craft a story around it all—and hopefully create something with staying power that still exists years later.

That’s what Purplle did in India. They’re the second largest cosmetics and personal care marketplace in India, after building their empire one shipment at a time.

But the kicker—one that we keep seeing over and over again—is that Purplle is heading into physical stores. The experience of holding products in your hand before you buy them just can’t be replaced.

Moulishree spoke with the CEO and co-founder of Purplle, Manish Taneja, about all this and more. You can read her article here.

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