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Daily Digest | Dual Asia Stars

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Find out more about the Alibaba Cloud x KrASIA Global Startup Accelerator Demo Days.

Hi there. It’s Brady.

If you’ve been following KrASIA, then you will surely have seen that our company has been organizing a series of demo days in partnership with Alibaba Cloud.

The latest event featured ten firms that operate in Hong Kong. Two were named as winners: GridMarkets offers cloud-based visualization rendering that is typically the hallmark of big-budget productions, and Vika is developing an enterprise tool that is meant to be the definitive spreadsheet application.

These demo days are only possible because there’s a healthy, competitive startup scene in East and Southeast Asia, with entrepreneurs recognizing the meaning in building new tools and services for businesses, consumers, or both.

We have even more events lined up. They will take place across Southeast Asia in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information about this.

For now, head over to this article to read about GridMarkets and Vika’s participation in one of our Hong Kong demo days. You’ll find their individual profiles below too.

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