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Daily Digest | Do you know where your data is?

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

There’s no telling where and how your information is stored when you use free apps.

Hey. It’s Brady again.

We at KrASIA are wary about the way some apps collect excessive amounts of personal data. Sure, if a game or a service is free, the company that built it must find other avenues, like mining data, to sustain its operations. But the way this takes place is often excessive and beyond the users’ control.

Plus, as a consumer, you can never be sure how your data is stored and where it ends up.

One mobile game publisher in China, EskyFun, has been storing its users’ data on an unsecured server. My colleague Mengyuan wrote that around 1 million players’ IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and device details are there to be exploited, according to a report published by cybersecurity firm vpnMentor.

Compared to other cases in the past, the scale of EskyFun’s data transgressions is small. Just two months ago, the records of 6 million players of a different game developer, AMT Games Publishing Limited, were exposed because, well, the server wasn’t password-protected.

Stuff like that makes you want to scream, right?

Anyway, KrASIA follows news related to cybersecurity (or the lack thereof) that impacts regular users like you. Check out our coverage from Indonesia, where Khamila has kept track of the biggest breaches and misuses. Stay safe out there.

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