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Daily Digest | Cash for convenient comestibles

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

KrASIA maps out online grocery services in Indonesia.

Hi there. It’s Brady.

My grocery needs are simple: produce that is preferably grown locally, freshly baked bread or the ingredients to bake it myself, yogurt and cereal, plenty of pens, the cheapest ruled paper. That’s about it.

I’ve tried using a delivery service, but something always felt a little off. The pineapples and mangoes that other shoppers picked up didn’t feel right in my hand, the ginger wasn’t the right age, or the pens would fail. Understand the frustration that comes with being nit-picky!

But we all know how these services were, at a time, essential. Men and women moving sacks of food in vans or on bikes became frontline workersfrontline heroes—who kept everyone else fed.

Maybe, then, lightbulbs went on, and people had the idea to pour money into companies that offered the straightforward service of moving food from warehouse shelves to your doorway. Khamila examined the money flows in Indonesia. You can check out her report here.

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