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Daily Digest | Advanced augmentation

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

The business of modern prosthetics.

Hey. Brady here.

I once knew someone who had a prosthetic leg. It was functional, but more importantly, it gave its host a sense of dignity. Being able to walk on two legs — just like anyone else with the full set of limbs they were born with — was meaningful.

There are prosthetics that mesh with our physical needs, satisfy the desire to perform tasks without assistance, and fulfill the longing to feel complete. But access to them is not equally distributed around the world. What might be easy to come by in some places may simply not exist in others.

That inequity is what inspired the founders of Vulcan Augmetics to create customizable, upgradable, and relatively affordable prosthetics for people in Vietnam.

Khamila spoke to some of the folks behind these developments, including one team member who uses Vulcan’s products himself. Check out her article here.

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