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Daily Digest | A stroll in Kathmandu

Written by The Uptake Published on   1 min read

Check out Oasis, KrASIA’s sibling site.

Hey. It’s Brady again.

Some of you already know this: KrASIA has a sibling publication called Oasis, which seeks out interesting people doing interesting things to tell the stories of their personal and professional journeys. Some of Oasis’ content lives on our site.

One recent entry is an interview with the founders of Aeloi, a startup that gives Nepal’s women new ways to access financial resources. Aeloi is the first women-led startup in Nepal, and it’s no easy feat doing what they do. Even the simple act of procuring computer equipment for their newly formed company was a struggle.

Oasis has plenty more stories like this one, and they regularly host talks with people in leadership positions to find out what makes them tick. Check out Oasis and subscribe to their newsletter. It’s worth a read.

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