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BIZ in GRAPHICS | Chinese women’s unique contribution to the country’s tech ecosystem

Written by Julianna Wu Published on   1 min read

Women contributed to 41% of China’s GDP in 2017.

As the COVID-19 outbreak sweeps across the country putting many lives at danger, Chinese women have partaken in an uphill battle against the epidemic.

Next to female medical workers who rushed to the frontline to save lives, women from a wide range of other industries have also contributed to fend off an unbeknown, deadly, and high contagious virus. Among them, female ride-hailing drivers ferrying patients between homes and hospitals, or thousands of women volunteers who ensure supply for neighborhoods under quarantine, etc.

The aforementioned is just an epitome of the roles Chinese women play in Chinese society. China has one of the highest female labor force participation rate as of 2019 amongst its Asian peers, with over 60.64% of its female population ages 15 and above in the labor market, almost 10% higher than the global average of  51.81%.

In this graphic story, KrASIA selected some of the most important figures to give you a vivid picture of how women have contributed to the business development in China.

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