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Bird House aspires to become Bangkok’s next culinary hotspot

Written by KrASIA Writers Published on   3 mins read

Bird House in Bangkok, the next culinary sensation? Thanit Apipatana champions young entrepreneurs like Nikhil, emphasizing innovation.

In the heart of Bangkok’s Sukhumvit district, a new culinary venture is set to make waves in the city’s bustling food and beverage scene. Nikhil Rattanaphas, a seasoned entrepreneur with roots in both the digital marketing business and the F&B industry, is spearheading the launch of Bird House, an all-day dining establishment. With a keen understanding of Bangkok’s dynamic lifestyle and a visionary approach to creating an exceptional dining experience, Rattanaphas aims to capture the essence of Bangkok’s diverse neighborhoods and the hearts of its tourists.

Bangkok, a city teeming with shopping, dining, and nightlife, has long beckoned entrepreneurs to carve a niche in the F&B business. Rattanaphas’ first foray in this industry took the form of Yard Bar, which enjoyed a four-year stint between 2019 and 2022. After its lease expired, he embarked on a quest for something more significant, leading him to The Racquet Club, where Bird House is now situated.

The Racquet Club, strategically located at Sukhumvit 49/9, combines community recreation with premium sports training programs. The facility is a haven for leisure and relaxation, encompassing sports, fitness, and recreation under one roof. With an all-day dining concept, the new restaurant will serve coffee during the day and transition to alcoholic beverages at night.

Integral to Bird House’s story is the involvement of investor and friend Thanit Apipatana. Apipatana’s role extends beyond finances—his expert insights in gastronomy adds excitement to the restaurant’s concept. His involvement also blends friendship with business, fostering a unique trust element.

Rattanaphas said that having a friend like Apipatana as an investor brings both advantages and responsibilities. The trust they share isn’t just about monetary returns—it’s about preserving the ethos and quality of the brand. Apipatana is notably a staunch advocate for young and budding entrepreneurs, driven by his unwavering belief in nurturing fresh talent and innovative ideas.

In a city where a mechanical approach to service is prevalent, Bird House aims to differentiate itself by offering a personalized touch. Rattanaphas believes that the commitment to familiarity and friendliness will set Bird House apart, ensuring that his staff build genuine relationships with patrons.

Bird House’s strategic location adds another layer to its appeal. Positioned near Thong Lor, colloquially known as Bangkok’s Beverly Hills, the establishment taps into the pulse of this chic neighborhood. Thong Lor boasts a myriad of coffee shops, spas, and shopping destinations. Moreover, it’s home to some of Bangkok’s most sought-after dining establishments, some even graced with Michelin stars.

Rattanaphas’ vision extends beyond this single location. He envisions Bird House as the catalyst of a chain of restaurants in various areas. Though international expansion isn’t immediate, his passion resonates with Thailand’s F&B sector.

As Bird House gears up for its opening, Nikhil is aiming for it to be more than just a restaurant—he also aspires to create a welcoming place for the community and tourists.

With the support of Thanit Apipatana as a friend and investor, the future looks seemingly bright, rooted in trust that underpins not just this venture but the countless opportunities ahead.

This article was published in partnership with PRecious Communications (on behalf of Bird House).


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