Rumour: Alibaba to invest in Douyin after it splits off from Bytedance

Toutiao launches paid content app to diversify revenue streams 

Today’s Tech Headlines: Tik Tok setting up team of censors in Indonesia; Ant Financial invests in Peanut Subway

Today’s Tech Headlines: Razer launches Razer Pay e-wallet in Malaysia; Tik Tok banned in Indonesia

Exclusive: Toutiao to build up a partial paywall for its top-ranked news app in China

A Closer Look at Tik Tok’s Expansion Overseas

Bytedance’s overseas-oriented products, including Tik Tok and, have, to date, raked in more than 100 million of monthly active users.

Toutiao’s less-than-2-year-old short video app Douyin, valued at around $10bn, is said to raise funds independently

8 Lessons from the Rise of Douyin (Tik Tok)

In Q1 2018, Douyin’s international version, Tik Tok, was the most downloaded iPhone app worldwide, totaling 45.8 million and surpassing Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

Douyin DAU tops 150 million, Toutiao’s short-video streaming app reveals user number for the first time

Tik Tok, the overseas version of Douyin, was the world’s most downloaded non-game app in iOS App Store in Q1 2018.

China’s most valuable independent startup Toutiao was courted by Alibaba amid growing Tencent-Toutiao feud