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Artificial intelligence at AsiaForward Startup Day 2022

Written by Alibaba Cloud Project AsiaForward Published on   2 mins read

Tune in on March 24 for insights from Vickers Venture Partners and Quandashi.

For the AsiaForward Startup Day 2022, we’re bringing together VC investors from Southeast Asia and notable startups from China to discuss fintech, robotics, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce. By referencing the successes and failures of entrepreneurs and investors with deep experience, you will be able to glean actionable insights that can be applied in your home market.

On March 24, the artificial intelligence panel’s speakers will discuss the ways in which the top AI developers stand out, the regulations and policies that can enable breakthroughs in AI research, and how AI developments can be protected as intellectual property.

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The Panelists

Jeffrey Chi is the vice chairman (Asia) at Vickers Venture Partners. Before joining Vickers in 2005, he was a corporate finance specialist and an executive director at Pegasus Capital, where he managed engagements for a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors.

Vickers Venture Partners’ track record includes investments in Baidu, Focus Media Holding Ltd., Kongzhong Corp., Cambridge Real Estate Investment Trust, and Sunfun Info Co. The companies that Vickers has helped grow currently have a total market value that exceeds USD 100 billion.

Logan Xie is the senior consultant of Quandashi. He focuses on developing ways to help Chinese companies resolve legal and IP hurdles, specifically in fields such as consumer electronics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, and new energy.

Quandashi is an intellectual property industry service platform that provides end-to-end data resources and tools for risk management, IP trading, registration, and more. The company helps clients simplify the application and management processes for trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Quandashi serves more than 500,000 users and its clients include Alibaba, Kuaishou, and Xpeng Motors.


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