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Archisen and FarmByte collaborate for vertical farming development in Johor

Written by Gideon Ng Published on   2 mins read

The joint venture will leverage the expertise of both companies to establish an automated vertical indoor farm in the state, focusing on producing Asian vegetable varieties.

In a landmark move towards bolstering food security and sustainability, Singapore-based agriculture technology company Archisen has formalized a memorandum of understanding with FarmByte, an agritech company building a digital network to connect farmers, processors, distributors, and retailers. This joint venture aims to create an automated vertical indoor farm focused on producing Asian vegetable varieties in Johor, Malaysia.

Both companies will leverage their resources and technical expertise for this innovative endeavor. FarmByte will contribute its local insights and farming infrastructure, while Archisen will tap into its technical capabilities in indoor farming practices, automation systems, and data analytics. Additionally, Archisen will train FarmByte’s employees to build up their proficiency in vertical farming technology.

The collaboration capitalizes on the rising trend of vertical farming in Singapore and Malaysia, driven by the importance of food security and self-reliance. Singapore’s “30 by 30” initiative, which aims to develop homegrown capabilities to produce 30% of the city-state’s food by 2030, has catalyzed the growth of vertical farming in the nation. Similarly, the Malaysian government’s emphasis on boosting local food production and self-sufficiency has prompted local companies like FarmByte to develop indoor farming solutions.

FarmByte, established as part of the JCorp Agrofood Strategic Plan earlier this year, is committed to enhancing Johor and Malaysia’s food security agenda. Utilizing a digital-first methodology, FarmByte hopes to revamp the agritech landscape by introducing solutions that can not only bolster the sector’s resilience but also improve the livelihoods of farmers. This will be achieved by facilitating the production of high-quality, high-value produce.

“Embracing a digital-first approach is pivotal to enhancing the way our agritech sector operates so that Malaysia can become more self-sufficient in the production of high-quality, safe, and nutritious food. As we support farmers to optimize existing practices through the adoption of digital tools, we also recognize the need to innovate farming methodologies to strengthen the entire agritech ecosystem,” said Syed Aiman Kifli Syed Jaafar, CEO of FarmByte.

Archisen has garnered attention with its design, construction, and operation of ultra-local indoor farms. With a projected yield of up to 100 tonnes of vegetables per annum, Archisen’s expertise in vertical farming has positioned it as one of the key players in Singapore’s agritech sector. The company’s efforts also align with its flagship brand Just Produce, its farm management solution, Cropdom, which provides partners with urban farming solutions, and Just Harvest, a farm-to-table solution.

As vertical farming continues to gain momentum in Singapore and Malaysia, the joint venture reflects the pressing need for countries to enhance food security and self-reliance. The partnership’s alignment with the respective governments’ initiatives underscores its potential to positively impact local communities and the agritech sector as a whole.


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