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ANTA takes on Nike and Adidas | Morning Briefing Ep 6

Written by KrASIA Morning Briefing and Decoded Published on   1 min read

With 25 sub-brands under its belt, ANTA is the third-largest sportswear brand in the world — only behind Nike and Adidas. How did the company become the domestic leader and can it’s multi-brand

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Domestic brands in China have seen renewed popularity on home ground, thanks to younger consumers who are more globally minded and enthusiastic about “Made in China” brands.

ANTA is one of such home-grown brand that has not only carved a name for its own sportswear, the group has other globally recognisable names under its umbrella. FILA, Kolon Sport, Salomon, the company owns more than 25 sub-brands. As China’s leading national sportswear brand and taking on Adidas and Nike on the global stage, ANTA is currently the worlds third-largest sportswear brand by revenue. In this episode we discuss:

  • The rate at which China’s sportswear industry is growing
  • The factors that have influenced the industry
  • Case study: ANTA (its evolution, growth strategies and future development)

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Fun fact: ANTA also sponsors world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao!


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