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We’re KrASIA [kri’eɪʃə], a newborn digital media with a dedication to help Asia uncover its innovations and to create.

We’re rooted in 36Kr, a leading technology and business media in China.

The past almost ten years have seen the rapid rise of China TMT market, as attested by the endlessly emerging innovative startups and business models backed by venture capital flowed from all around the world.

Think of how Didi, DJI, and Toutiao grew out of thin air and made it to the highest echelon of global Internet unicorns list, and how the everyday life of Chinese has been transformed by the emergence of homegrown innovations ranging from mobile payment, quasi-bike-sharing service to on-demand delivery.

KrASIA’s parent, 36Kr, had the privilege to chronicle and grow alongside the aforementioned historical course of Chinese TMT sector going from a burgeoning bud to a booming ecosystem that reshapes the people’s lives through the combination of the best of two worlds, innovations from adventurous entrepreneurs and funding from discerning venture capitalists.

Along the journey, 36Kr has successfully weaved itself into this ever-growing and ever-changing Chinese entrepreneur and innovation ecosystem as an indispensable piece, by way of its three arms: 36Kr.com in media, Kr Space co-working space, and Jingdata startup database.

With our parent’s deep knowledge and expertise in the startup world, and given the budding Southeast Asia innovation landscape, we at KrASIA, was conceived and called into being to carry on 36Kr’s expertise and legacy of uncovering and helping facilitate innovations.


What 36Kr has done and has been proven to be instrumental in helping startups, we want to put into practice through our operations in Southeast Asia region, and we’re hitting the ground running with our constantly updated, insightful and analytical news service first.

Every time before we getting started writing a piece, we’re asking ourselves these questions: “Why and in which way will this article be useful to entrepreneurs and investors? Can they draw actionable insights from it?”

In brief, KrASIA is all about providing useful content for the entrepreneur and innovation world. And from there, we’re striving to deliver more services to help Asia innovate and create in the future.

KrASIA, dedicated to helping Asia create.

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