A Chinese biotech company wants its employee to work even after age 100

Written by Zhao Xiaochun Published on 

“If you can’t outperform others when you are born, you won’t excel others later in your life.”

Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI,华大基因)  has very a clear requirement for all of our employees: they have to work until they are aged over 100. That means they have to live over 100 years,” said WANG Jian, Chairman of BGI, at China International Big Data Expo 2018 held in Chinese southwestern city Guiyang.

WANG also claimed that the Chinese biotechnology startup which specializes in genetical technologies has three disciplines:

  1. We can’t allow birth defects to happen among offspring of our employees. If we failed to detect the defects, that would disgrace all 7,000 hires at BGI.
  2. BGI has to diagnose tumors before hospitals do.
  3. Employees are not allowed to received bypass surgery, meaning they shouldn’t die of heart and brain diseases. WANG himself said this rule is wicked to some extent.

WANG also claimed none of the 1400 children of his employees has birth defects and BGI is probably the first company in the world to achieve that. “If you can’t outperform others when you are born, you won’t surpass others later in your life.”


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