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5 talks offering insight into the marketing and media world

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The marketing and media world has never faced so much uncertainty. ‘Fake news’ and community news sources are challenging the trust placed in traditional media outlets. The internet is being swamped with content, making it harder than ever to stand out. Designers are struggling to utilise technology to create truly original brands.

And yet the digital world presents endless opportunities for those who know how to use it.

This December, the leading voices of journalism, design, advertising and beyond will gather – online – for three days of talks, networking and learning. We wanted to give you a head-start on your event planning, so here’s the marketing and media content we think you should see.

5 marketing and media-themed talks you need to watch

1. 2020: The year competition to deliver news went up a notch

Michael Peters (left), Leisha Chi-Santorelli (centre) and Justin Smith. Image: Web Summit

It’s been a big year for journalists. From the Covid-19 pandemic to a global economic downturn to the US presidential election, the international news cycle has been working overtime to pack what feels like a decade’s worth of news into less than 12 months. How have media conglomerates and emerging outlets been able to keep pace with the rate of change while still putting out quality work?

This talk will examine the fiercely competitive business of delivering news in 2020. Michael Peters and Justin Smith, CEOs of Euronews and Bloomberg Media respectively, will join Leisha Chi-Santorelli, editor of BBC World Service: Marketplace and the co-chair of BBC Embrace. Expect sparks to fly as the trio cover topics including expansion, investment, and technological innovation within the news industry, and discuss what is needed to stand out from the crowd.

2. What can you learn about burgers from Acapulco cliff divers?

Fernando Machado. Image: Web Summit

The La Quebrada cliff divers in Acapulco, Mexico, have been an inspiration for adrenaline junkies for decades. The 1963 film, Fun in Acapulco, originally brought the group to the world’s attention. But, in 2020, the cliff divers are the latest inspiration for fast food giant Burger King.

Fernando Machado, CMO at Burger King, was part of a large crowd gathered to watch the Acapulco cliff divers jump 35 metres from the cliffs into the sea a few years ago. In this talk, he dives into what he got out of watching these death-defying acts of bravery, and how they inspired him to test the limits with ingenious and daring advertising campaigns that help Burger King to stand apart in the saturated fast food market.

3. Chris Evans on the Starting Point to better political education

Mark Kassen (left), Chris Evans (centre) and Joe Kiani. Image: Web Summit

After one of the most closely followed US elections in history (and one which saw record voter turnout), the people of America are looking for a hero. They may have found one. Chris Evans is perhaps best known for portraying Captain America in Marvel movies – a character thought of as a defender of democracy in the original comic series. Chris has taken that superhero image into the real world with his new project: civic engagement, video-based app A Starting Point.

Chris and A Starting Point co-founders Mark Kassen and Joe Kiani are trying to make a difference and help voters understand the issues of the day. In this session, the trio will discuss the importance of democratic literacy and open up on how their app could be key to educating millions of people. The talk is led by Laurie Segall, founder and CEO of Dot Dot Dot Media.

4. Does sustainability have a branding problem?

Ruth Andrade (left), Brian Collins (centre) and Pia Heidenmark Cook. Image: Web Summit

The fight against climate change contains pretty easy-to-grasp concepts. Indeed, the pillars of sustainability – people, planet and profits – affect everyone globally. So why do climate change activists and scientists struggle to hold people’s attention when offering guidance on how we can take our fight for greater sustainability to the next level? Many in the marketing and media industries argue that this isn’t a science problem. It’s simply down to bad branding.

Does sustainability need a brand makeover? We’ve gathered a panel of design leaders and green advocates to answer that question. We’re pleased to welcome the chief sustainability officers of Lush and IKEA, Ruth Andrade and Pia Heidenmark Cook, and design expert Brian Collins, to discuss how we can redefine the campaign against climate change.

5. Seeing the world through a new (camera) lens

Misan Harriman (left) and Olivia Culpo. Image: Web Summit

Societal expectations in fashion have completely evolved in only a handful of years. Our focus is shifting away from fast fashion towards clothing trends built on pillars of sustainability and inclusivity. However, we still have work to do to enrich the fashion industry in the long term.

Join fashion photographer Misan Harriman and American model Olivia Culpo as they talk with Anne-Marie Tomchak, editor at Condé Nast, about what it means to be in front of, and behind, the camera in 2020.

How can I access Web Summit’s online talks?

Your Web Summit pass gives you access to 100+ hours of livestreamed content across every industry touched by tech. Attendees can also be part of live speaker Q&As, giving them the chance to ask burning questions about marketing and media, and view expert roundtables.

Web Summit’s talks are split into six content themes (and then further divided into 30+ topics) available to browse on the event schedule. Users can also discover new content by searching through the schedule using the ‘Tracks’ function to filter talks by the live conference stages they would appear on, or by ‘Channel’ to find similarly focused talks grouped together.

You can find Web Summit’s premium livestreamed content on our event web and mobile apps. Web Summit should ideally be experienced with two screens, a mobile device and your desktop or laptop computer. The mobile app is a pocket-sized event companion, perfect for filling up your schedule and reaching out to potential contacts before the conference. The web app is best for watching talks, participating in roundtables and Q&As, and networking with other attendees.

Want to hear more about the people making moves in the marketing and media industries? Browse our event schedule today, and we’ll see you online at Web Summit from December 2–4.

Main image: Sam Barnes/Flickr


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