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36Kr announces formation of overseas operation 36Kr Global to continue building a cross-border startup service platform

Written by KrASIA Writers Published on   2 mins read

Since 2017, 36Kr has established its presence in Southeast Asia (KrASIA), Japan (36Kr Japan), and India (36Kr India).

36Kr, China’s leading digital media platform, announced on Oct. 5 the establishment of 36Kr Global Holdings, its Hong Kong-based overseas group company. The move marks the company’s latest move in its worldwide expansion, following a global strategic partnership inked with the Nikkei this May.

To date, 36Kr has expanded to Southeast Asia, Japan, and India. Since KrASIA, 36Kr’s first subsidiary abroad, was launched in Singapore, it has produced over 3,000 pieces of English-language coverage that have generated more than 10 million pageviews. In particular, KrASIA’s coverage of China has gained a huge following in Southeast Asia and North America.

In 2018, 36Kr Japan was formed in Tokyo to bridge the startup information gap between Chinese and Japanese enterprises and facilitate cross-border cooperation. As of now, 36Kr Japan has become one of the most notable Japanese-language news websites covering China’s new economy sector. Additionally, in May, 36Kr and the Nikkei became global strategic partners with a view to foster technology innovation and exchange, in addition to helping Chinese companies take their operations overseas.

In April 2019, 36Kr established its presence in Bangalore, India. Over the past few years, India has become one of the most attractive destinations for Chinese enterprises, which flooded into the country for investments and tie-ups with local companies. 36Kr expects that, by leveraging its media prowess, it can strengthen the communication and exchanges between China and India.

All these endeavors have led to the formation of 36Kr Global Holdings. The entity will consolidate its resources across Asia — in China, Southeast Asian nations, India, and Japan—  and build up a comprehensive service platform to facilitate cross-border communication, cooperation, as well as investments. It looks to bring its services and resources to more startups and innovators. At present, 36Kr Global has a talented team spread across more than ten countries and regions in Asia.

In addition to taking root in Asia’s innovation market, 36Kr Global also aims to expand worldwide. Going forward, it will build up an innovation network around the globe through its own operation or partnership.

Commenting on this, Feng Dagang, president of 36Kr, said, “The incorporation of 36Kr Global is another important step for our overseas strategy after our partnership with the Nikkei. Since we launched our overseas businesses in 2017, we have built our presence in Asia’s core markets — from Southeast Asia, India, to Japan. The new entity will further raise our awareness and speed up our development in the global content market, as well as help increase Chinese enterprises’ influence worldwide. It will also help 36kr fulfill its mission of adding Chinese innovation to the world.


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